Here is a picture taken after 2 months following the workout/diet plan you gave me in July.
I am thrilled with the outcome and actually got a modeling contract as a result of following your advice!
These pictures are from a recent shoot. Thank you so very much for helping me transform my body!!

Spencer Squire



Leon uses an innovative and comprehensive approach that draws from cutting-edge advances in weight training, fitness and nutrition. Through my work-outs and regular use of his nutritional supplement, my body has undergone a significant transformation with improved strength, increased muscle mass and a decrease in body fat.  He also deserves much of the credit for my improved self-image, which has positively impacted my professional and personal life.”

Dr. Matthew F. Emons, MD
Los Angeles, CA

Leon’s diets and exercise regimes are manageable. The problem I always had in the past was that I would be too extreme in my diets and workouts, and couldn’t stick with them. He has made their program work for me, I am losing weight and feeling great about myself everyday. I have been very motivated to workout and am learning to eat healthy, thanks to them. I think anybody that really wants to make a positive change in their life should consider working with him. You will discover energy that you have not felt in years.
Suzy Bhakta (Lost 60 pounds)
Beverly Hills, CA

I have had the pleasure to work with Leon Lavigne. He utilizes education in combination with unique exercises to re-program posture and core muscle groups. His exercises are highly effective and specifically focused for each individual. I highly recommend that his program be implemented into regular workout routines to enhance physical fitness!
Dr. Lauren Evans, Chiropractor
Los Angeles, CA

After a few one-hour sessions, Leon’s diet and workout program demonstrated dramatic results. Muscle definition, an increase in flexibility and strength, and more energy through the day were all quite evident. Each week I was able to do more and build on those gains.  Seeing immediate improvement soon translated into a real passion for continued successful growth. The only regret is not having started sooner.
Andrew Golov-Movie Producer
Los Angeles, CA

“I originally came to Leon Lavigne and was unhappy with my body, smoked almost a pack of cigarettes a day, and generally was not living up to my health potential.  Within a couple of months I had quit smoking, felt strong and healthy, and was receiving compliments constantly regarding how great
my body was looking!  He really knows how to motivate and how to educate!”
Scott Kennedy
Film and Television Composer

I’ve been training with Leon Lavigne for just a few short months and cannot believe how good the workout sessions have made my body look!  When I had a huge knot in my neck, he completely cured me of my immense pain with just an hour of trigger point therapy and stretching.  I would totally prescribe a session with Leon Lavigne for anybody looking to get fit or having any localized muscle pain.
Dr Amy Nyuen M.D.

When I first came to Leon Lavigne I didn’t think I would be able to change my body whatsoever.
After a month on his program, I have noticed an increase in muscular definition, endurance and more energy.  They have opened my mind to many more exercises that produce results fast.  He makes working out fun and enjoyable.
Corey Elliott

Leon Lavigne excels in transforming a body utilizing a unique approach and style.  His style, enthusiasm and techniques maximize results so that after each session you feel your body change.  Leon works wonders in a short period of time.
Madonna Shannon

“I began working with Leon Lavigne to rehabilitate continuing back problems and a debilitating back injury.  Years of inactivity and total lack of motivation to exercise left me feeling weak, unmotivated, and self-doubting.  After only one session with Leon, I knew my attitude would change – after over two months, not only has my attitude changed, but my life had changed.
His methods, techniques, system, and support brought out a part of me that lied dormant for years.  His knowledge of the body and the “cause and effect” relationship between exercise, fitness and wellness has brought me a new level of understanding of how my body responds to the form of the exercises I undertake and the actions I assume each day.  What started as treatment and rehab for an injury has transformed into a life change and awoke my consciousness, establishing new goals.

Where chiropractors and orthopedists lacked any real compassion or failed entirely in curing the problems, it is Leon’s focus on the total fitness experience that surpassed all my expectations.  ”
Phil Gordon

When I began my quest for a healthier lifestyle with Leon Lavigne. I had already lost some weight but needed more direction. He started me on a program , which included
an eating plan to follow and  exercise regimen. Every session he would change the routine to fit my needs for that day. As I followed the prescribed plan, I lost 20lbs(and counting) and saw a sculpted body emerging. How excited was I to see these fantastic results! As with anything in life, YOU  need to be the change and commit to it. Leon Lavigne is an instrument for that change. Leon Lavigne knows what he are talking about.   His focus is to help you achieve the best that you can be. He will help you reach your goals and then some. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their quality of life.
Raelene Redman

I’ve been working out with Leon Lavigne 3 times a week for about 4 months and I’ve lost 75 pounds and counting. The workouts are fun and go by so fast, and my body is tighter and leaner than its ever been. His diet and exercise program is very easy to follow and effective. If you want to make a positive  change in your life definitely go with him. You will never regret it
Nour Los Angeles, CA

I came to Leon Lavigne in September of 2006.  I stood five feet tall and weighed one hundred and eighty pounds.  I had been over weight, gaining gradually but steadily, for about fifteen years. My goal was to get lighter and fit in order to run the Los Angeles Marathon in March 2007.  He worked with me twice a week.  I had little endurance or strength when we started.  but he was persistent, but very patient and inspiring.  Not only did he develop an excellent exercise program for me that was doable and yielded results, he also gave me valuable nutritional information and products.  Perhaps most importantly, Leon offered the mental and spiritual support that kept me diligent.  By February, I had dropped fifty pounds and improved my strength and stamina tremendously, both physically and mentally.  I have gone from a (sometimes snug) size twelve, to a comfortable size six.  I feel a thousand times better, and from what my friends, family and co-workers tell me constantly, I look fabulous. I am still working with him, and I hope to lose ten to twenty more pounds, but based on the results I have experienced thus far, I have no doubt I will reach that goal.  He has given me tools for maintaining lifelong health and fitness, and that is truly a priceless gift.  I am eternally grateful.
Misha Reese

I have consumed 2 of your protein powder drink containers and have lost about 12 pounds in about 3 weeks. They are not only effective but also delicious.
Uri Hirsch

Leon has the unique ability to look at your body and design your workout program to sculpt your body into your “dream” self.  It’s an intense hour, but the results are amazing.    His Elite Formula milk chocolate creme is the best tasting dietary supplement I’ve encountered; lower in sugar and carbs than any other I’ve tried… and I think I’ve tried ‘em all.  Can’t say enough good things about the 1-2 punch of Leon’s workout and dietary programs.
Cheryl Kur
Production Accountant

Oh my, all I can say is  I can see now after reading all the books e.t.c it, just doesn’t compare to having a personalized program by you. I thought I’d heard it all, but I’m learning a lot already and can see what I’ve been doing wrong. I’ll definitely commit to this routine. I’m very excited about having something structured. When would you like to see my ‘after’ pictures???

“Great dreams dissipate quickly without strong health and energy. Leon Lavigne’s “A+” mentoring has assured me of the opportunity that my energy level will consistently run at peak levels. I’m all about top performance, and I believe Leon’s’ THE “go-to-guy” if you want to maximize your physical energy and truly give your dreams the 100% pursuit they deserve. Nobody’s better.” 
Shawn Anderson
Inspirational Author & Motivational Speaker

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  1. Leon has helped me reach my goals, and takes a personal interest in my progress. He has a great mindset, and knows what he's doing. Makes the workout experience even better!

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