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Beverly Hills Personal Trainer Leon Lavigne
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[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ear Friend, I’ve spent half my life being overweigh and out of shape and it was miserable!! I had stubborn fat all over my midsection with I had no muscle whatsoever! When I tried to exercise, everything was too hard to commit to and nothing ever seemed to ever really work!

Are you at all like me?

  • I used to be so lazy..I’d over-sleep or procrastinate when I knew I should be working out.
  • When I did go to the gym, I never really knew what to do there and my results were largely undetectable.
  • I got so depressed and frustrated with my body that I quit exercising for several years and got fatter and fatter.

I Didn’t Know At the Time that I Was About to get the Luckiest Break of My Life!

At one point, just before it happened, I had just finished a midsection workout and had taken my shirt off to look in the mirror to see my progress. I took a deep breath and exhaled with a sigh…there were NO changes in my abs. My belly still looked fat and ugly. I slumped over in my chair with my head in my hands and began to beat myself up mentally. After I was through going through my self inflicted torture, I turned to the side and noticed that my abs looked different when I sat and leaned in a certain way. I could actually see them! I felt like it was a miracle and  was like: Hey!! Why don’t I turn THIS particular motion into an exercise?? And so I did!

This New Exercise was a Little Strange… But It Worked!

I kept doing it for a few weeks and boy did it ever!! It wasn’t long before my abs were rock hard and with chiseled lines in them! I’ve done this with hundreds of exercises over the past 16 years. Re-creating them and perfecting them…it’s become kind of a hobby for me. I keep improving on old ones too! It’s perfect that you came here today if you are looking for a personal trainer because I know I have the perfect exercises for you to unlock the amazing physical masterpiece that you truly are!

Once You’ve Seen the Results, You Will Completely Change The Way You Think About Exercise!

  1. You will become empowered and self motivated! When you start to see the changes in the mirror, you’ll actually look forward to your workouts and want to complete them more and more! 
  2. When you come to the gym, I’ll be there waiting for you with a new structured program every time. Your workouts will be unique to you, and you will be doing all the exercises that your body needs!
  3. You will feel so good about yourself because you will know that you are doing the best you can possibly do for your body and your health.
My Most Requested Transformation Program: Platinum Plus! You can start with 3 days a a week if you need to, but the goal is to get you up to 5 workouts in a week so you get the best results EVER!

Dramatic Results & Changes

I’ve tested exercise methods from around the world for body transformation and will show you the most powerful diet & exercise SECRETS that I’ve learned.


Custom Designed Programs

Nothing feels better than successfully completing a workout of perfectly prescribed exercises to balance out your body.


Training for Men & Women

If your goal is to build up or get smaller I can help you! Your body is like clay to me and I am a master sculptor!

“If you focus on correcting posture, perfecting the form of my movements and eating Superfood nutrition, your body will have no other choice but to change!”Leon Lavigne

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