We'll Get You Certified And Help You Find Clients


Our Core Values

We Foster Education

We believe in providing you with a solid enough fountation so that you can train any client any where in the world!

We Pursue Excellence

We constantly strive to become better and better trainers. Always learning and always looking to perfect our craft.

We Practice Honesty

We know that it all comes back around sooner or later so we “reap what we sow” and always put openness and honesty first with our trainers and our clients.

We Create Fun

Life is meant to be enjoyed! We know that as trainers it’s our job to pump up our clients on exercise and be the guiding force to help them live a fit lifestyle. If you are having a good time, your clients will most likely be too!

About The Process:


  • 01

    We certify new trainers and re-certify current ones. This gives us a baseline and standard of quality that we can pass onto our clients.

  • 02

    Our certification is from the National College of Exercise Professionals, one of the hottest and fastest growing fitness educational bodies in the world today!

  • 03

    Once you enroll, we send you our certification manual and you can begin studying. You can take the certification test in as early as 7-days.

  • 04

    After passing our personal trainer certification exam, we will mail you a real certificate of completion that you can show your clients.


  • 01

    We’ll create an optimized webpage on our site so that you can show up in Google for your main keywords like : personal trainer “your-city” so that interested clients can find you right away!

  • 02

    We’ll teach you how to create a Facebook page for your business so that you can network and reach out to all the people in your community. Plus we’ll show you our other marketing tips and hacks you can use to grow your bottom line.

  • 03

    We’ll show you our business systems and contracts so that you can operate your business efficiently and ensure that you get paid as much as possible.

  • 04

    Our trainers can also make great money selling our supplements to clients to supplement their nutrition and enhance their results.

We Certify One Personal Trainer Per Zip Code. Claim Your Spot Before Someone Else Grabs it!

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the demand for Certified Personal Trainers will increase by 30% in the next 10-years.
It depends on the area, but on average we send our trainers 3-7 new appointments each month.
No, we work as a contractor/sub contractor basis.
You can set your own rates, but its not uncommon to earn a minimum of $25/hr per person doing semi private training (3-5 people per hour)
Our trainers doing private sessions earn a minimum of $50 per hour all the way up to $125/hr!
The beauty of being a personal trainer is that you get to make your own schedule! People tend to workout before or after work, but lots of housewives work out during the day.You can work full or part time. The amount that you earn is up to you!
Generally men and women who want to lose weight and build lean muscles, but you will also see baby boomers and seniors who want to improve the quality of their lives.

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