I help actors, models and brides shed body fat & build beautiful lean muscles without fad diets or giving up foods that they love.

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Do My Ab Exercise For 1-Minute for 5-Days

I pick the exercise. You'll get a different one each day to target a different part of your midsection

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Eat The Healthy Food That I Recommend

You'll discover how to increase your energy throughout the day and burn fat in your sleep!

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Avoid The UnHealthy Food Like I Do

When you eat foods that don't cause inflammation you'll lose weight as you detoxify

Here Is How The Challenge Works

Here Is How The Challenge Works

Follow my nutritional tips every day and do just ONE of my most powerful abs exercises for just a minute a day. You’ll be amazed at how great you feel after 5-days of taking the challenge!

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Client Testimonials

Leon, I wanted pre-crazy Britney Spears abs and you have come through for me! My body is pretty unbelievable right now. You’ve taught me everything I need to know about what I can and can’t eat-and I’ve never had more energy or endorphins in my life. I’m so much more productive than ever, and I actually eat breakfast as well as wake up at a decent hour on my days off! Leon, you are such a blessing. You have helped me come so far; I have extreme confidence with my new and seriously improved body, not to mention in best shape of my life. Would I recommend you to my friends? Of course! Leon, I’d say you’re pretty amazing. You turned my life in a total 360, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you!

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Kim Perry - Fashion Designer

When I first came to Leon I didn’t think I would ever be able to get a six pack. After a month on his program, I have noticed a big increase in muscular definition, endurance and I have a lot more energy. He has opened my mind to many more exercises that produce results fast. He makes working out fun and enjoyable.
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Cory Elliott - Student

Leon Lavigne has turned me into a fitness machine…I always thought of exercise just as something you had to do to stay healthy. With Leon, it’s a fun and exciting hands-on approach to making my body just the way I want it to be. I feel healthier and stronger when I’m following his plan, and his supportive, positive outlook only makes the whole process that much safer and easier.
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Danielle Jones - Actress

I hope all is well. As promised, here are some pictures taken after 2 months following the workout/diet plan you gave me in July. I am thrilled with the outcome and actually got a modeling contract as a result of following your advice! These pictures are from a recent shoot. I have temporarily moved to Chicago to do some work out here but when I am back in LA I would absolutely love to train with you again! Thank you so very much for helping me transform my body!!
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Spencer Squire - Model

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Trianna Johnson - Interior Designer

I love Leon! It was the first time I actually saw results and felt that I had control over my body. I felt hopeless when I went to him, but he is so motivating that I instantly kept with the program. I didn’t expect to see results, but sure enough, in a couple of days my energy level went up and in a couple of weeks I saw results in my body. I want to move back to LA just so he can be my trainer again. His personality is energetic and his method really works!

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Marco Had A Flat Belly But Never Could Get Abs...

I Showed Him What He Was Doing Wrong & He Saw A Difference After One Workout!

Ready To Take The 1 Minute Ab Challenge?​

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