Body Artistry for Women

Are you a woman with stubborn areas of your body that never seem to change?  Or are you in great shape and want to take it to the next level aesthetically?

Then you need our Body Artistry Class for Women!

You can tone, shrink, harden and handily do away with the most troublesome areas on your body. The secret is in how we teach you to feel your muscles and re-train them move. Once you’ve TRULY discovered your muscles in this process, shaping your muscles couldn’t be easier!

  • Rapidly lose body fat
  • Achieve Thinner legs
  • Create a Perfect bottom
  • Make those love handles vanish
  • Flatten your lower tummy (yes, even after a C-section)
  • Sculpt slender and lean upper arms
  • Make your double chin disappear
  • Zap outer chest fat


Single Session: $35
$109 per Month: 1 session per week.
$209 per Month:2 sessions per week.
$299 per Month:3 sessions per week.
$499 per Month: 5-6 sessions per week.

*Guests from: Living Social, Lifebooker and Amazon Local; please call us today to book your appointment over the phone.

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